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The World section is perhaps the most understated of the three, more due to a lack of inventiveness or single-ready material than an actual deficit of good tunes.

"Hangover" is a well-handled metaphor for middle America's current state of mind, partying to forget the negative things in life, while "My People" asks why we feel the '60s were a healthier era to live in. wasn't something I liked immediately; in fact, if I had reviewed it after one listen, I may very well have panned it spectacularly.

Like Gaye before him, he sounds more content and more inspired when the reins are in his hands.

It follows “Nutshell” and finds Phife serenading a girl in a full on romantic blitz, dropping rhymes about feeling “pure ecstasy/ When we exchange pleasantries,” while Dwele holds down the neo-R&B hook.

Gamp, whose close association with her umbrella and memorable use of it led to a new nickname for the device — who push gender boundaries by wielding an umbrella as a "hermaphroditic spur" (the term is Jacques Derrida's).

The very short chapter on gender and umbrellas feels forced.

Luckily, Dwele rescues the segment with its final piece, the absolutely salacious duet with Raheem De Vaughn, "Dim the Lights".

The song doesn't do much, but, with the zone these two artists are in, not much is needed beyond their satiny tenors to set the intended mood.

,window. Dwele, first heard on the cool, relaxed chorus of Slum Village's "Tainted," isn't a leather-lunged shouter or, the likely guess, a silky-smooth crooner.

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Mostly self-produced and recorded at his home in Detroit, Subject favors the gauzy beats-and-bliss production style of Slum Village auteur Jay Dee.