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I know I can have a slightly obsessive personality.This can apply to a song, a restaurant, a piece of clothing, a type of makeup, or a kind of food.Dan is happy to attend Goth clubs and festivals with me – in return, I go camping (which is great fun and I can’t wait to go again, but I often struggle to adjust to activities that require minimal make-up and sensible shoes).In short, we may LOOK like an odd couple, but you can’t judge from outside appearances what two people might have in common. In yesterday's Goth fashion style post, I mentioned that I was running out of ideas for such posts, and the response was fantastic - thanks, everyone, for their suggestions.I expected him to be apprehensive, but he didn’t blink an eyelid as I underwent my transformation into the Queen of Dark(ish)ness you see before you today.In fact, for a short period of time he went through a brief Goth ‘phase’ himself, partly because I didn’t want to be ‘the only Goth in the village’ and partly because we both realised how many of his interests lined up nicely with Goth culture – alternative music, body art, fantasy art, the paranormal, etc.

Whatever the case may be, we love rockin’ a fun pair underneath a cute dress or skirt. I’ve listened to this James Blake song on repeat all month. After the portfolio review, I met my parents at the Chelsea Market. When I got there, Jessie was already talking to a good friend of mine (and fellow teacher). I hadn’t felt that energy from her the way I did this morning. I felt like we were “together,” especially when we were explaining our Disney trip to some friends.And I like to go to the same coffee shops and order the same coffee every day. If I am into a guy, I am totally cool to hang out as much possible. He loves having plenty of personal space, and doesn’t like when a relationship interferes with other parts of his life. They have been to Disney World too, and had some tips of their own. I’ve always liked the word “together.” I have no idea about its origin, but I wonder if it comes from merging these three words: to-get-her. I realized it was PM, and I had a lunch in Brooklyn at one o’clock.We like music of many varieties, and enjoy stories in all of their incarnations – books, movies, plays, comics etc.Dan also shares one of my major passions – shopping.

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However, Dan maintains that he has never been embarrassed by me or ashamed of me, which means a lot.