Std sex chat

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Std sex chat

After reading the letter, she panicked and started crying: She'd tested positive for HPV. The two were hanging out at a park, and Evans seemed tense. " Rossiter asked him."What are the three worst things I could say to you? "Sasha told me her due date," Rossiter recalls him saying. But Evans soothed her and even questioned whether he really was the father.

Karly Rossiter, then 22, was home on break from the University of Iowa in December 2004 when she went for an appointment."He seemed low-key, smart, interested in world affairs—just my type." They made a date for New Year's Eve, a couple of weeks away.Because she felt things were about to get serious, Rossiter used one of those long phone calls to have "the talk" about her sexual history.She'd get the test results in several weeks, so until then, Rossiter put the whole thing out of her mind. In these pages, Rossiter tells her side of the story exclusively to .On the advice of his attorneys, Evans declined to be interviewed, but court documents and his trial testimony make it very clear: He believed their relationship started out far more casually than she did.

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Would she eventually develop full-blown cervical cancer? "I came to realize that Alan had gotten away with something dangerous—not only for me but for every woman he'd get involved with down the road.

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