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"3Mobile Mail" is based on the innovative solution Calista Mobile Mail!and offers a top-notch user interface that is certainly on a par with i Phone & Co.Calista‘s easy-to-use software for mobile picture and video upload sends the new Red Bull MOBILE Community soaring.Since 1 October 2008, Red Bull MOBILE offers various mobile services which focus on multimedia and community.

The A1 Chat is not only the most popular mobile application but also the biggest mobile chat in Europe with more than 1,000 concurrent mobile chatters.

Once the program has been started, the user can either choose suitable snapshots from already existing media or create a new picture/video showing current events.

The live broadcast of each user is uploaded to the web community without any quality losses.

The Red Bull MOBILE Community client by Calista has been pre-installed on every Red Bull MOBILE cell phone.

The modern user interface design makes the java program especially easy to handle.

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Then, the quick selection in the setup wizard was filled with locally popular email service providers.

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