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Kathryn morris is dating

[In Part 2] you are going to meet four Lilly Rushes, from the beginning up to today. In fact, a little girl close to my heart plays Lilly at age 6 — she's my boyfriend's daughter, in her acting debut. Her dad is a producer-director, and we met on the show. She's an old soul and intense, very much like Lilly Rush.

TVGuide.com: Are the other Lillys played by different actresses as well? TVGuide.com: Why was Pearl Jam chosen to provide the complete soundtrack for episodes?

Morris: Over the years, artists have been coming to us to "please do an all-of-our-music episode." But the reason the producers chose this to be the moment was because it really was the perfect emotional anthem for Lilly's story.

Also, it seemed perfect because Pearl Jam was one of my bands.

wraps up its two-part Season 6 finale, in which the investigation of the 2005 murder of a female military-school cadet has dug up haunting memories for Detective Lilly Rush.

On top of that, Part 1 ended with Lilly's car being forced off a bridge!

He said, "The audience would really love it if they it was you," so I did everything. The content of a letter that Lilly's father gave her in a previous episode is going to have a profound effect on her.

So I really feel that will guarantee us a Season 7 — and I think we deserve it!

Addresses: Office —c/o Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 51 W. Actress on television, including: Long Road Home (movie), 1991; Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (movie), 1994; A Friend to Die For (movie), 1994; Family Values (movie), 1995; Pensacola: Wings of Gold, CBS, 1998; Inherit the Wind (movie), 1999; Hell Swarm (movie), 2000; And Never Let Her Go (movie), 2001; Cold Case, CBS, 2003—.

The next decade was a struggle to break into the business, however, and for a time she made ends meet by working on a cruise ship as a dancing waitress.

Her first television role was in a made-for-television movie, Long Road Home, in 1991, a story about farmers during the Dust Bowl environmental crisis of the 1930s.

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TVGuide.com: Are we going to get any sort of cliff-hanger Sunday at pm? And while there are many questions that will be answered, a whole new set of questions are thrown out there.

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