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His American-born wife Terri was told of her husband's death while on a walking tour in Tasmania, and tonight returned to the Sunshine Coast with her two children, Bindi Sue, 8, and three-year-old son Robert Clarence, usually known as Bob, 3.The Irwins married in 1992 - the same year Irwin made a one-off documentary, Mr Stainton said the accident happened after bad weather halted filming for the new documentary series.During the break, Irwin had been shooting footage for his daughter Bindi's upcoming TV series, Mr Stainton said."He said 'I might just go off and shoot some segments for Bindi's show, just stuff on the reef and little animals'.

Known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter, 44-year-old Irwin was famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!"Terri would ring to say Steve was on his way down to the shop, can you stay open. But he's irreplaceable." 'True to the core' Mr De Deyne, the managing director of the Big Kart Track which is located close to Australia Zoo, said he had counted Irwin as a friend for 20 years. He described him as a "regular guy" who would often come in for a bite to eat. He was big and alive and had a total commitment to everything he was doing.It was usually on a Saturday afternoon when Steve needed something and got caught short. "I think the zoo will go on," said Mr Dalrymple, who also owns the local Beerwah Motel. "You will never ever find a guy with more passion about the environment or the conservation of wildlife.The zoo is the biggest local employer with 550 staff, Mr Dalrymple said."I managed an irrigation business in Beerwah and had occasions where I served Steve personally. Mr De Deyne said he had first met Irwin in 1985 in a restaurant in Coloundra.

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"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... "He died doing what he loved best." Irwin was pulled aboard his research vessel, Croc One, for a 30-minute dash to Low Isle, where a Queensland Rescue Helicopter had been summoned, his Australia Zoo said in a statement.

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