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Examples Truncates number at the specified decimal_place.

A positive decimal_place truncates to the decimal position specified.

The first calculation uses a date field with a value of 6/14/2016 and a number field with a value of 30, while the second one uses a date literal and a number literal.

You might want to calculate the length of time between two dates.

For example, if you have the installation dates for electric meters and you also have inspection dates, you can calculate the difference between the two dates to verify that the length of time between installation and inspection falls within allowable guidelines.

You can change how dates are displayed in the table.In the following example, a piece of machinery is installed 6/14/2016 at a.m.You could use either of the following calculations to produce an inspection date one month (30 days) after this installation date.If you are the owner of a hosted feature layer, or an administrator of your organization, you can add, delete, and calculate fields on hosted feature layers.Some restrictions apply; for example, you cannot delete or calculate the stores all date values in UTC, you'll typically view and edit dates in your local time zone because most applications automatically convert to and from UTC.

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Functions work with field names, literals, and other functions.

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