Dating childish women dating while battling cancer

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Dating childish women

However, the weird part was that I wasn't a weak and stupid woman; I was a smart woman. I had lots of friends, a good job, and a nice home.I was successful in life in a lot of ways, The kinds of things that matter in love aren't necessarily the things that matter when it comes to having a great career or a busy social calendar.

Basically, I spent too many years meeting the wrong men, acting the wrong ways and feeling the wrong things about myself.

But if you’re considering marriage, you should both be out of the game-playing phase. That doesn’t mean you need to be reminded of it every three months. Since you’ve worked so hard on that, you deserve someone who appreciates it. She needs to be okay with her life outside of your relationship.

Nurturing the needy is not a romantic relationship. Even if this girl existed, that would be one boring-ass relationship.

Once I understood the things that did matter, I was able to find a great guy who still loves me to this day.

I always treated men like projects — trying to fix, change, save and domesticate them.

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But in a relationship, you need to have the same (or at least very similar) likes and dislikes.

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